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Thank you to all the youth who participated in the in-person lesson on Martin Luther and Reformation. We appreciated the musical accompaniment to A Mighty Fortress is Our God, for the processional during worship. If you missed the lesson, download the 

"Reformation Day Activity Booklet" to learn more.

The next in-person lesson will be in December, for Christmas. Watch this space for more information.

First Communion and Confirmation preparation are offered. Contact if you are interested in this instruction for your child(ren).

November 2021

Sunday School Lesson


Altar Colors

Pentecost is a time that Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. These disciples, guided by the Spirit, proclaimed the Good News of Jesus to the others. Read the story in Acts 2:1-21.

To commemorate Pentecost, the altar paraments are changed to red to signify the Tongues of Fire that sympolize the Holy Spirit.

After Pentecost, the paraments on the altar change to green and stay that way all through the summer and fall. Watch for the next change in the colors on the altar for Reformation Sunday in October. 

Bible Trivia

What book of the Bible is said to represent David's songs?

Email your answer to Pastor Carl for a prize.

A Prayer for Mealtime

Photo Gallery

Blest be Christ who is our bread, May all the world be clothed and fed.