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Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (CTS) offers Christian education for all ages.

Join us to Celebrate – Think – Serve!

 Please join us for the upcoming Youth Sunday School lessons:

 April 9th, come to celebrate Easter.

All lessons will be held in the classroom at 9am.

First Communion and Confirmation preparation are offered. Contact if you are interested in this instruction for your child(ren).

Altar Colors

For Lent, the altar paraments are purple. Watch what happens to the paraments during Holy Week from Palm Sunday on April 2nd through Easter Sunday on April 9th.

Photo Gallery

Sunday School Lesson

On February 19th, in addition to learning about the Transfiguration, Pastor Krista taught the class about "burying the Alleluias". During Lent at Christ the Servant, as part of the Lutheran tradition, we do not say "Alleluia". The children colored Alleluia posters, then Pastor Krista collected them and put them away. We will bring out these colorful posters on Easter Sunday. If you would like to "bury an Alleluia", there are extra posters in the church office. Bring them back so we can put them away. Join us on Easter Sunday when we bring out the posters and again say, "Alleluia!".

On March 19th, the lesson was about King David. The children learned how he defeated Goliath, his becoming King, his love of music and how he is related to Jesus. Click here to view the lesson and activity. 

Bible Trivia

How long does Lent last?

Hint: Matthew 4:1-11

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