Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (CTS) offers Christian education for all ages.

Join us to Celebrate – Think – Serve!

At this time, there is no in-person instruction.

Multi-generational Sunday School lessons are offered. The lessons follow the Lutheran lectionary that is used in Sunday worship. Each lesson offers:

  • A Bible reading

  • A Bible verse, for reflection and memorization

  • Discussion questions

  • A hands-on activity

First Communion and Confirmation preparation are offered. Contact if you are interested in this instruction for your child(ren).

June 2021

Sunday School Lesson

The Creation Story
Genesis 1:1-2:4a







Altar Colors

Pentecost is a time that Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. These disciples, guided by the Spirit, proclaimed the Good News of Jesus to the others. Read the story in Acts 2:1-21.

To commemorate Pentecost, the altar paraments are changed to red to signify the Tongues of Fire that sympolize the Holy Spirit.

Make a whirly-gig that blows in the wind, as a reminder of the Wind from Heaven that brought the Spirit to the disciples.

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