Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (CTS) offers Christian education for all ages.

Join us to Celebrate – Think – Serve!

The focus of the Rally Day Youth Sunday School lesson was creation and the Garden of Eden. The students read from Genesis about all the goodness of the garden. Then they learned about the CTS garden and even participated in planting some Fall flowers. Come see the CTS garden and how beautiful it looks.

First Communion and Confirmation preparation are offered. Contact if you are interested in this instruction for your child(ren).

Creation and the Garden of Eden

Sunday School Lesson

Altar Colors

After Pentecost, the altar paraments stay green through the summer. 

Bible Trivia

Genesis tells us about four rivers in the Garden of Eden. Two of them are Pishon and Gihon. Two of the rivers are still on maps today. Can you name these other two rivers?

Email your answer to Pastor Carl for a prize.

A Prayer for Mealtime

Photo Gallery

Blest be Christ who is our bread, May all the world be clothed and fed.