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Altar Colors


Did you know that the church has seasons and uses colors to differentiate those seasons? The colors of the paraments on the altar and pulpit reflect the colors for the church season and for special celebrations. For Reformation, the altar is covered in red. For All Saint's Day, the altar is covered in white. For the season of Pentecost, the altar has been covered with green. The next church season will be Advent. Do you know the color for Advent? The color for Advent is dark blue or purple.


You can make a picture of an altar and add paraments to match the church seasons!

At this time, there is no in-person instruction. Materials are offered online only.

Multi-generational Sunday School lessons are offered every week. The lessons follow the Lutheran lectionary that is used in Sunday worship. Each lesson offers:

  • A Bible reading

  • A Bible verse, for reflection and memorization

  • Discussion questions

  • A hands-on activity

First Communion and Confirmation preparation are offered. Contact if you are interested in this instruction for your child(ren)


Upcoming Events:

  • Advent Wreath Lighting - Youth from the confirmation class will light the candles on the Advent wreath each Sunday in Advent

For more information about Youth Activities, contact

Sunday, January 17th

Lesson: "The House of David"

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