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Christ the Servant Lutheran Church

The Rev. Dr. Phillip A. Carl

2320 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston, VA  20191





Our Worship Service

We are a liturgical church but don’t let that scare you!  It isn’t stuffy or hard to catch onto.  We are proud to use contemporary and traditional music to express our deep love for God. 


Here’s some things you can expect to find when you come to church here:

  • A Lutheran Liturgy.

  • A Lutheran Hymnal for singing songs (hymns).

  • Scripture readings.

  • Communion (bread and wine which is the body and blood of Christ) served every Sunday.  It is for EVERYBODY – not just Lutherans!

  • A great choir to help lead the music and a lovely bell choir.

  • Sermons which don’t go on too long and are to-the-point.

  • A children's sermon.


November 3, 2019

          Some of us are old enough to remember the badly made horror movies of the 1950’s.  The Blob comes to mind.  Others of you may have seen the re-runs on You Tube or Netflix.  One of the most cheaply made was one produced in 1955 and titled,  “It Came From Beneath the Sea.”  It was so low budget that the giant octopus only had six arms.  It kept two of the giant arms under water while the other four reached up to crush...

October 27, 2019

          In my last parish we had what we billed as “the world’s largest rummage sale.  In actuality, it was probably “Solon’s largest rummage sale.”  Or maybe even just “The largest rummage sale in the neighborhood north of Rt. 422.”  In any event, it was a pretty big sale. ALL the Sunday school rooms were filled with cast-off items.  The social hall, the narthex, and even the sanctuary were all filled with used things.  We...

October 20, 2019

Place names usually have good stories behind them.  This area is no exception. I did a bit of research on names of places in this area.  Depending on which legend you believe, Cabin John either got its name from an old hermit named John whose ghost still haunts the place, or a pirate named Captain John who buried his treasure there and killed all who came after it.   Cabin John is derived from Capt’n John.   Gallows Road was w...

October 13, 2019

Next Sunday is Response Sunday at CTS – a time for us to present, at the altar, our statements of intended giving for the year to come.   It has been my custom to use this Sunday, the Sunday before, to bring to you a stewardship sermon.  This is that one Sunday out of fifty-two.  I have chosen a pulpit text from the gospel of Mark, the 12th chapter:

“(Jesus) sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd p...

October 6, 2019

Sometimes I feel that the church has lost the art of lament.  Lament.  Lament is a prayer for help coming out of pain.  It is often mournful.   The Bible is full of lament.  Job lamented,  “Why did I not perish at birth.  Why did I not come forth from the womb and expire?”  Jeremiah laments,  “Why is my pain continuous, my wound incurable…?”  One third of the Psalms – the Bible’s hymnal – are laments.  Psalm 130  “Out of my de...

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