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Children & Youth

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."
                                                                    ~Matthew 19:14

We embrace all the wiggles and giggles that the youngest in our midst might make!  The noise of children is the sound of a church that is full of life and is welcome here!

Tips for Worshiping with Young Ones


If they need a break, take it! There is a room just past the bathrooms where little ones can play, parents can relax, and the service can still be heard.


Sit where your children can easily see what is happening. They will be more engaged if they can see the action and have a better understanding.


Sing and respond loudly! Children learn by copying you. If you show them how to participate in worship they will catch on faster and follow along.


Explain the parts of worship and teach them how to use the hymnal. There is a lot to explore in the hymnal so let them explore and see what they find.


Pick up an activity bag in the back of the sanctuary. Let them doodle on the bulletin. Even while doodling they are hearing and absorbing worship.

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Explore Your Faith Through Milestones

Milestones is a journey of faith formation for children, ages 3-11 and their parents. Everyone begins with a special snack time based on the theme of the day and then moves to creating a craft together. From there, children and parents are led into the sanctuary for a special time of worship and exploring with Pastor Kenny. Our Milestones time begins at 11:15 AM and ends at 12:15 PM. 

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