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Living Generously

Generosity is not a requirement of faith but an act of faith. We give of our time and money as an act of rebellion in a world that says money is god and attempts to claim all of our time. You are invited into this rebellious act, claiming your trust in the God who raises the dead, through the gifts of your generosity.


Financial Generosity

Financial gifts can be given in a multitude of ways:

  • Regular offering during worship with cash or check

  • Reoccurring gifts mailed from your bank to the church

  • Online giving via Planning Center (through ACH transactions or credit card)*

Your financial gifts help us to make ministry happen! Your gifts may be designated to our Current Operating budget, Pastor Discretionary Fund, or any current special appeal or project that may be taking place.

*Please note that if contributing with a credit card or debit card a 2.15% processing fee will be applied. When giving, you are given the option to cover that fee with your donation.


Time & Talent


Generosity is not just about financial giving but giving of our whole selves in participation with the body of Christ. We are all uniquely made with gifts and talents that contribute to the kingdom of God. We are called to use those gifts and talents generously to bring joy to the world.

You are invited to complete the "What Brings You Joy" survey above and let us know the things God has gifted you with. We utilize these survey results to identify gifts in the congregation with the needs of the congregation, aligning the two to help us serve our community and share the gospel filled with joy! Let's get you connected and giving generously!

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