Pentecost 10 2017

Matthew 14:22-33 I’m a person who has always been fascinated with language. I taught high school English for five years. I’ve always been interested in the origin of phrases and colloquialisms. A colloquialism is a group of words, the meaning of which everyone knows from common usage, but which does not make as much sense literally. When we say, for instance, that the actor “brought the house down,” we mean that the audience responded enthusiastically – not that the theater caved in. A few years ago when Pepsi began marketing its product in China, it found it could not use its popular slogan, “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation” because, in Chinese it translated into “Pepsi brings you

Pentecost 9 2017

Matthew 14:13-21 Today’s gospel is the familiar story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (actually 5000 men plus women and children) with five loaves and two fish. We know it by heart. Jesus was trying to be alone in his grief for John the Baptist, but was followed by great crowds who had heard about his healing powers. Suddenly he was faced with thousands of people. Thousands of hungry people. The disciples wanted to send them into the villages to buy food for themselves, but Jesus had compassion on them. Taking only five loaves and two fish he feed all 5,000 with leftovers to spare. This gospel would seem to be a welcome relief to all the parables we’ve heard recently. Three weeks ago it was

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