Fishing For People

Let me make this disclaimer at the beginning. I am not a fisherman – at least not much of one. Oh, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like to fish. I do and I have enjoyed crabbing with Matt recently. But fishing is not something I do regularly. I don’t even own my own pole. Now, my father was one of those once-a-year-fishermen who would go to Canada with his buddies for a week in the summer. One year, after his buddies could no longer go with him, he took my mother and me. I was six. We went to a fishing camp on the French River in Canada. I have vivid memories of catching fish and eating shore lunches. A few years ago I was able to locate that very fishing camp online and take Matt there

Lamb of God

They say that, in advertising, repetition is the key. The more times you can say something, the better chance people will remember it. I find it even works that way with me at home. Marilyn will say something to me once and I am only listening with half an ear, so I say “What?” Then she repeats it and the second time I listen. Repetition. Repetition also plays a big part in today’s gospel as John the Baptist tells about baptizing Jesus. As John sees Jesus coming toward him he exclaims, “Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Then he goes on to tell the same story we heard last week about the spirit of God descending upon Jesus after he was baptized in the Jordan.

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