What Do You Mean When We Say Jesus?

Quick history trivia: What is the significance of the name James Irwin? Well, James Irwin was one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon. He was on the Apollo 15 moon mission. After James Irwin returned a Spanish journalist asked him this question: “What did you feel when you stepped out of that capsule and your feet touched the surface of the moon?” To everyone’s surprise, Irwin answered, “It was one of the most profoundly disillusioning moments of my life.” Irwin said, “All my life I have been enchanted by the romance and the mystery of the moon. I sang love songs under the moon. I read poems by moonstruck poets. I embraced my lover in the moonlight. I looked up in wonder

On Being Evangelical

Every year on the seventh Sunday of Easter we read the same gospel from the 17th chapter of John. The scene is the night before Jesus is to be crucified. Jesus is having a very deep and very intense intercessory prayer with his Father in which he pleads that all might be unified – made one – in the same unity Jesus has been given with his Father and by his Father. Each time I preach on it I mention the difficulty I have with it. The last time I told you that, when I was an intern, my supervising pastor thought it would be a good idea to use this passage as a sermon series for all seven Sundays in the season of Easter! Even though we tag-teamed the sermons, when we got to the end I neve

All You Need Is Love

Some sermons just preach themselves. I mean, there are times that a pastor will look at a text for Sunday – maybe one of the “dark sayings” of Jesus – and ask himself, “How am I ever going to preach on this.” But then there are gospels like todays which are all about love. Pastors love to preach on love. This one’s got love all over it. Jesus uses the word nine times. This morning’s gospel contains the second-most memorized words of the New Testament – right behind “For God so loved the world.” The familiar verse which we could all probably recite together is, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” So we have this lovely love gospel on this gorgeous

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