Good Words

This is the third sermon in our five Sundays in which Jesus uses bread as a sign of the Kingdom of God or refers to himself as “the bread of life.” As a way of highlighting the bread theme, we are communing these five Sundays with bread from five different eateries here in Hunters Woods Plaza. We have enjoyed naan from Pista House and tortilla from King Pollo. Now… Matt and I went down to ballpark after church last Sunday to see the Nat’s beat Cincinnati. I noticed that the pitchers would periodically throw a change-up pitch – something out of the usual menu of pitches. Today’s sermon is a change-up pitch. I’m not preaching on bread. The communion bread is also a changeup. We’re not

Hungry Again

When I go to church communications conferences they tell us that, if you want to get people to remember something important, you need to say it five different times … preferably five different ways. So, you use the newsletter, e-mail, slow-mail, the pulpit, and the bulletin board. Jesus had something important to tell the people, so he said it five different times. As I mentioned last Sunday, we are into the second of the five “bread-of-life” Sundays in which Jesus talks about himself using the imagery of life-giving bread. Last week we saw him using bread as a sign of the kingdom as he fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fish. That was a big job and when he was done he an

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