10th Anniversary Lasagna Luncheon

On Sunday, November 19 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our monthly lunch outreach at Hunters Woods Fellowship House. Since another church was serving a Thanksgiving meal at Fellowship House this month, we decided to celebrate and look back on the last ten years of our service. Lasagna has been a staple, so we enjoyed our own lasagna lunch. Thank you to everyone who has made 10 years of Fellowship House lunches possible.

Annual SERRV Sale

CTS will be having its annual SERRV fair trade sale on November 26 and December 3 after service in the narthex. Come check out high quality, fairly traded gift and home items and CHOCOLATE! Your purchase empowers the low-income artisans and farmers who create each item. These beautiful gifts have stories behind them—of an artisan or farmer receiving a fair wage for their work, sending their children to school often for the first time, and saving income for a healthy future. Proceeds also help fund health projects, environmental protection programs, and other local programs that transform communities. · Check out the photos, videos, and stories at serrv.org/artisanstories to learn ab


Then there is the one about the man who went into the bank to take out a loan. The credit manager said to him, “Do you have any money in the bank?” The man replied, “Yes, I certainly do.” “How much?” the credit manager asked. And the man replied, “I don’t know. I haven’t shaken it lately.” Today’s parable is something like that. Jesus tells the story of the man who divided up his property among his servants before going off on a long trip. The Bible says he gave them “talents.” In Jesus day a “talent” was a measure of weight. In this story it referred to gold. The servant who had received five talents put his money to work and earned five more talents for his master. So, also,

Loading up the Thanksgiving Baskets!

Thanksgiving. A time to gather with friends and family, eat more than you should and give thanks. However, for some in our community, a Thanksgiving meal may not be in the budget. The Outreach ministry at CTS works directly with Cornerstones to help provide those in need with the makings of a Thanksgiving meal. This year we collected enough from our little congregation (plus Thrivent Federal Credit Union) to put together 70+ baskets! After the service this Sunday, after celebrating Pastor Carl's 40th year ordination anniversary, we rolled up our sleeves and spent 30 minutes putting the baskets (actually boxes, but whatever) together. This year, the baskets we assembled were sent to the Wes

Pastor Carl's 40th Ordination Anniversary

When I did my trial sermon 40 years ago at Trinity Lutheran Church in a southwestern Ohio village of about 3,000 called Versailles (yes, Versailles -- they think the French pronounce it wrong), the quote on the front of the bulletin was from the gospel text: “Are you he who is to come, or shall we look for another?” Well, I was the one who was to come – fresh out of seminary, green behind the ears, and a whole lot to learn. This sermon is about a lesson I learned. I’m anxious to share it with you. The first warning that Dr. Gillette was on the warpath was from the town druggist. The druggist told me that the good doctor had been in asking how many villagers were taking cold and flu medic

All Saint's Sunday 2017

It is November and Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. We will gather around a table and, hopefully, someone will “say a blessing.” I want us to key in on that word, “blessing” this morning. We normally think of thanking God for all the “blessings” God has given us. Whether we are at the table or saying our prayers at night we are “counting our blessings” … things God has given us: Our homes, our families, or the bounty on the Thanksgiving table. Or we may ask God for blessings. As a pastor I have blessed new homes, marriages, and crosses and Bibles. In Ohio I once even blessed a bar that one of our members had purchased. In each case we understand it to be a way of conveying God’s fa

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