From Heaven Above

Someone has said that you know the holiday season has completely distracted you when you try to enter your computer pass code into your microwave oven. It is the season of distractedness – when our attentions become three-dimensional, satisfying the demands of sons ad daughters, mothers and fathers, bosses. And then there are the bills. So we come here to focus. To hear the word and be reminded, once again, what it is all about. We come to adore the babe in the manger and to have it quiet here, with the right touch of carols and candlelight. We come to hold candles high and sing Silent Night. We’re glad that God has come to the earth and we want to marvel at the warmth the smallness,

Kindness, Honesty, Hard Work

I have a cartoon hanging on my study door which depicts a pastor sitting on a bench in a jail cell looking sullen. Beside him on the bench sits a seasoned convict with big bushy eyebrows and cauliflower ears. In the first panel the convict says to the pastor, “What are you in for?” In the second panel the pastor replies, “I had more than three points in my sermon.” In the final panel the convict moves as far away from the pastor on the bench as he can. There is this unwritten rule that pastors are supposed to limit their sermons to three points and that church services are not to go over sixty minutes. I’m pretty sure that John the Baptist’s baptismal service went well beyond sixty mi

Driving Instructions

Then there is the one about the teenage son who backed his father’s car right through the garage door. When his father asked him what happened he said, “I don’t know. I just put it in “R” for “rev” and hit the gas!” When we’re driving we need to know the difference between “Reverse” and “Forward,” or “drive.” As we begin our season of Advent we need, also, to keep our Reverse and Forward in good balance. Advent is a time in which we look to the rear – look back 2,000 years to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. But it is a time in which we look forward and prepare our hearts and minds for his coming – not just this December 25th, the date the church arbitrarily chose to mark the annivers

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