Lines in the Sand

It was the final hours of the siege of the Alamo. General Santa Anna of the Mexican forces was flying the red flag of “no quarter,” meaning that no prisoners would be taken when the Alamo was captured. All opposition would be killed. On our side of it was Colonel William B. Travis who assembled the men under his command. It had come to the final hour, the final push. All would be determined by what happened next. Colonel Travis stepped out into the sand of the Alamo’s courtyard, drew his sword and, with it, etched a long line in the sand. Then he turned to his men and told them that the only men he wanted to cross that line were those who were willing to face certain death if they fai

New Traditions

New Traditions There’s a new BBQ joint near where we live. Mission BBQ. It’s a really great place. We were in there for lunch the other day enjoying a pulled pork sandwich slathered with their Texas Twang sauce when suddenly a voice came over a loud speaker. Really? A loud speaker in a restaurant? The voice said, “Ladies and gentleman. It is our tradition here at Mission BBQ that at noon each day for all of our patrons rise to sing our National Anthem.” Suddenly all the large screen TV’s switched from sports to footage of the American flag waving. As our National Anthem started, all the patrons rose and put their hands over their hearts. Baseball caps were removed respectfully. A

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