Twin Peaks

They say that God is especially pleased with the taxi drivers on Mt. Tabor in the Galilee region of the Holy Lands. Why? Because as those taxis drive too fast up and down the mountain roads, sliding around the curves with no guard rails, more praying goes on in those few minutes than in any other time! But why do so many people want to get up to the top of Mt. Tabor? The tourists are risking their lives going up and down these mountain roads to see what is purportedly the Mt. of Transfiguration – where the events described by Matthew in todays gospel unfolded … where Peter and James and John witnessed a dreamlike scene straight out of some sort of avant garde indie film festival – where Je

The Basics

Dribbling, passing, shooting. In basketball it’s called “the basics.” They are the skeletal talents of the game which one must master before anything else. A team that cannot dribble, pass, or shoot cannot win. In football it is blocking, passing, and kicking. In baseball it is pitching, catching, and hitting. These are the fundamentals that they practice repeatedly until they are good at them. In any sport, the basics of the game are usually few in number, but they are essential. That’s why teams will drill, drill, drill – not on exotic plays – but on the basics: dribbling, passing, hitting. Wouldn’t it be nice, in our walk with God, if we were to figure out just whaGod’s basics are?

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