For The Love of Money

I think I learned to write sermons in the 10th grade. At least that was when I learned how to write an essay. I remember that the first paragraph of an essay should outline clearly the theme. The body of the writing should develop that theme and the concluding paragraph should summarize. With that in mind, I’d like to be very clear about this sermon. There is one main point and it is this: God has given us what we need. Under that main point I have to sub-points: a: Since we have what we truly need, we need to work at being content with the things what we have. b. People are more important than things. Let’s get into it. First, God has given us what we need. In today’s epistle,

Amazing Grace

In one of my previous churches I slipped out just before it was time for the sermon. My assistant took the pulpit and made this announcement to the congregation: “Pastor Carl would like you to know he is out calling on one of our inactive members and would like for you to sit quietly for fifteen minutes. He will be back in time for communion.” Then we let the folks sit and look quizzically at each other for a minute or two before I walked back in an read them Jesus parable which goes like this: “Which of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it.” I told them, “If you really t

Go Ahead and Make My Day!

It is often a tricky thing for a pastor to base his sermon on the Old Testament lesson. The reason is that the way the ancients interpreted God’s hand in history often differs from the way we interpret God’s hand in history. Today’s lesson from Deuteronomy is a case in point. Can anyone tell me where the phrase, “Go ahead and make my day!” came from? Anyone? Bueller? It was from a 1983 film starring Clint Eastwood in which his character, Dirty Harry, shoves a gun in the bad guy’s face and say’s, “Go ahead and make my day!” The message is, “Make the move I want you to make and you will live. Make the move you want to make and you will die.” Well, today’s lesson from Deuteronomy has

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